News Broadcasts and Video Feature Jason M. Highsmith, MD, FACS

  • Exploration Health on PBS
    In this PBS Special, Dr. Jason M. Highsmith follows two young women who have suffered from neck and arm pain only to find relief with cervical disc replacement.
  • Port City (WLCN) hosted by Nick Salvucci
    Nick Salvucci, host of Port City WLCN, interviews Jason M. Highsmith, MD about his new book, The Idiots Complete Guide to Back Pain. Here, Dr. Highsmith discusses what can cause back pain, when to seek medical attention, and simple steps most people can take to ease pain.
  • Life is Good after Brain Surgery
    Sometime after his brain surgery, Dr. Highsmith’s 70-year-old patient spontaneously begins to dance with his wife during the Charleston Symphony performance.
  • Live 5 News Interview
    Dr. Highsmith discusses his new book for patients with neck and back pain.
  • Hospital Behind Innovative Operation
    This is an amazing story of a local 16-year-old girl. Thanks to Dr. Highsmith’s expertise in spinal cord stimulation, she now has relief from a painful leg injury.
  • Herniated Disc Treated Using New Procedure
    Dr. Jason Highsmith explains how a low back disc herniation can cause back and leg pain (eg, sciatica). Here he discusses annular repair; a new minimally invasive technique and recovery.